Do I have to pay any fees?

Our standard fees are in USD and the conversion to EURO is based on current rates and are subject to change.  The information listed is based on rates from July 2014.

Yes. This fee covers:

  • Airport pick-up
  • First night’s dinner and a night’s stay at a 2 or 3 star hotel (applicable to those flights arriving 3 pm or after – if you arrive before, your first night will be with your host family)
  • Host family placement
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) at your host placement daily during your entire stay
  • Mandatory travel insurance coverage while in Ghana
  • Monthly volunteer social gatherings
  • Monthly check-up visits from Global Host Project officials
  • Support from Global Host Project in case of emergencies
  • Administrative Fees
    • One to Four weeks: 2,500USD/1,900EUR
    • Five to Eight weeks: 3,500USD/2,600EUR
    • Eight to Twelve weeks: 4,000USD/3,000EUR
    • Each additional month: 800USD/600EUR per month


Are there other costs?

Yes, you will be responsible for your flight to and from Ghana, airport and customs fees, passport and visa expenses, travel inoculations, shipping, drinking water, entertainment, spending money and money for other personal needs.

When and how do I pay the program fee?

You will pay a deposit upon acceptance into the program. We will make further payment arrangements with you after that. All fees are due 2 weeks before departure, with 75% already paid at that time. We currently do not accept credit cards.

Is there an application fee?

No, Global Host Project does not charge any application fee. All you pay is the relevant program fee.

Where do volunteers come from? Can only US citizens participate in this program?

Any citizen from any country worldwide is invited to participate. This program is not for US citizens exclusively.

Can I come at any time of the year?

It depends on your assignment. If you volunteer as a teacher, we place volunteers within the school terms, which start mid-September, mid-January, and mid-May. We can place you in another volunteer capacity until school begins if you want to go at a time other than at the beginning or during a school term. If you are volunteering in a capacity other than teaching, we will place you depending on the schedule of the organization you are placed with. This will be discussed upon acceptance into the program.

What are the accommodations like?

You will be assigned your own bedroom with a lock in the home of your host family. The room in many instances is in the home of the school proprietor or the home of a host family. There are always other people in the house as well and they would be willing to provide you all the necessary assistance you require. In your room will be a bed with a mattress and in most cases a table and chair. You may choose to bring along a mosquito net and a spare bed sheet. Some houses have a shower and flush toilet (more likely in bigger towns). In others you would have to manage with a bucket of water and a pit toilet (more likely in smaller towns). Your host family goes through an extensive interview and training period and their home is inspected before your arrival.

What is the food like?

The food will mostly consist of the local fare and may include “red-red”, fried plantains, bean stew, jollof rice, fufu, banku, yam or kenkey with stew or soup, and fruits. Western fare like pasta and sauce, fried chicken with rice, etc., are also provided on request depending on where you are placed. You can alter this in any way with what is available in Ghana.

What would a typical day be like? *

  • You will wake around 6.30 a.m., bathe and then have breakfast before heading to your volunteer assignment.
  • You will volunteer as your schedule provides, stopping for lunch around noon.
  • After lunch, you will return to your assignment until late afternoon.The number of hours of work varies per your assignment, but will be nearly a full day of work.
  • After your volunteer assignment is done for the day, it is up to the volunteer to plan the remainder of the day.
  • Dinner is generally served about 6 p.m. at your host family’s home. You can stay home with your family and spend time with them, or have your new local friends show you around town.We can arrange evening activities for you as well if you are having difficulty finding things to do.
*This is an example, exact details will be provided to you upon acceptance into the program.

What happens when I arrive in Accra?

You will be given prior instructions by email of how to meet an Global Host Project representative at the airport. You will be given a Global Host Project t-shirt for identification at the airport and your Global Host Project representative  will be wearing the same for easy identification.

Can I use an ATM/Credit card in Ghana?

You can draw cash on your credit or debit card at many bank branches in the major cities. Standard Chartered Bank also accepts VISA cards at some branches. Several other banks also accept VISA cards and Travelers Checks. We recommend relying mostly on Travelers Checks and cash in smaller towns and the use of ATM’s in larger towns.  We will advise you once your volunteer location is confirmed.

For how long can I volunteer?

Volunteer placement is for any length of time between two weeks and three months.

Do I need to take vaccinations before I go?

The Yellow Fever inoculation is obligatory for all visitors to Ghana. The vaccination must be taken at least 10 days before the journey. Please see your doctor to discuss other vaccinations and malaria preventatives that you will need.

Is a visa required to enter Ghana?

Yes, you will need a visa before entering Ghana. We will send you the details on how to obtain a visa once you are a confirmed volunteer.

Are there any risks involved?

International travel inherently has risks. Ghana is considered to be one of the safest countries one can visit in Africa. You must however take necessary precautions to protect yourself against illness and other travel-related risks.

Can I be placed with other volunteers?

Yes, certainly, if there are enough vacant volunteer positions where you will be volunteering.

What sort of training is provided?

Pre- and post-departure information and orientation will be provided by Global Host Project and your volunteer placement.

How do I apply?

Email us with any questions you have or to request an application form.